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How To Roof A House Over Existing Shingles

How to reoof a house over existing shingles is a common question for property owners who are considering a new roof installation in Bloomington. Over time, as shingles where they can be damaged and lose their effectiveness and ability to provide adequate protection from the elements. This creates an opportunity to replace them, which most homeowners are able to do themselves. If they want to attempt to accomplish this task without hiring a professional, there are a few things they should know about how to roof a house over existing shingles. These tips will help them get the job done properly and save them time, money and effort in the long run.

Before beginning the process of how to roof a house over existing shingles, it’s important to identify where the damaged shingles are located. This can be done by either visually examining the roof or with the use of a metal claw. After identifying where the damaged shingles are located, the repair process begins. To ensure the best results, it’s best to have all of the damaged areas repaired simultaneously. The repaired areas will be lighter than the damaged ones and thus, provide a better contrast once the repair is complete.

Next, once all of the damaged areas of the existing roof have been repaired, the house re-roofs must be inspected again. This inspection will allow the roofing contractor in Bloomington to know how to roof a house over existing shingles in the most efficient and effective manner. In order to avoid a large-scale re-roofing operation that may be time-consuming and costly, it’s generally best to get the roofing inspection completed as close to the day of installation as possible.

Once the roofing material on the roof of the house has been inspected and found to be in good condition, the repair process begins. Once the damaged areas of the roofing material have been repaired, the damaged roofing shingles must be replaced. For this purpose, it’s generally best to replace the entire roofing material at one time. The reason for this is to maximize the life of the roofing material as well as to minimize the amount of work that must be performed during the re-roofing process. If the roofing material can’t withstand the pressure from the weight of the accumulated roof debris and the actual weight of the house structure, it won’t last long enough to be an effective re-roofing solution.

Although some home insurance policies will pay for the cost of re-roofing damaged areas of your roof, it’s usually wise to spend a little bit of money up front to make sure the roofing materials can withstand the additional weight and use of the actual roof structure. In the event of severe weather, such as heavy rains or even large windstorms, your roof may need to be replaced. Although insurance coverage may pay for parts of the roof repair itself, you should also make sure you’re covered on any subsequent repairs that may be needed due to damage caused by elements outside of the initial roofing problem.

Once the re-roofing process is complete, you should make sure to inspect the entire structure again. Look for evidence of water damage, such as puddles or pools of standing water beneath the damaged areas of the roof. If you do find evidence of water damage, take photographs, especially of the areas of the roof that appears to have been severely damaged by the heavy rainfall or windstorm. You can then review these photos with your insurance provider and get a more accurate determination on how to roof a house over existing damaged areas of the roof.

If your insurance policy provides coverage on other damaged areas of your home, check the coverage levels of the re-roofing company and make sure they are equipped to handle the job that you describe. Often times, smaller companies or ones without a long history in the business will not have the specialized equipment to deal with situations such as this. For how to roof a house over existing damaged shingles, the company may offer to re-roof the entire roofing structure on a one-time basis. This is usually a great deal, as it saves the homeowner from having to shell out money to have the work done twice.

When looking for companies who specialize in how to roof a house over existing damaged shingles, look for ones that offer a free re-roofing estimate. Many companies will not charge for this service unless you are happy to have the company remove your existing shingles and replace them with new ones. If they refuse to do this for free, look for another roofing company. It’s a great way to save some money.