Metalmaster Roofmaster First Annual Blood Drive

On Friday, August 30, 2013, Metalmaster Roofmaster, Inc. hosted its first annual blood drive in collaboration with Heartland Blood Centers. Each donation of blood saved 3 lives and all donations were used in various hospitals in McHenry County. Metalmaster Roofmaster and its employees were honored to have helped support their local community by campaigning for the 25 donors to save 75 lives! Each donor received an Oberweis gift card for a quart of ice cream, in exchange for their quart of blood. Additionally, and due to the fact that the blood supply was so low, Heartland Blood Center added 200 extra bonus points to each participant’s “Warm Hearts Club” program.  

“Thanks so much for your hard work in recruiting donors. We are very grateful for your company’s willingness to continue to support our community! Great job!” – Roxie Kaminski, Marketing Representative of Heartland Blood Centers.


Header for Metalmaster Blood Drive

Image 2 Metalmaster Roofmaster Blood Drive