2017 Metalmaster Holiday Party at Kyoto Japanese Steak House

This year the owners of Metalmaster decided to switch things up and host the annual Holiday party at Kyoto Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar.  Everybody had a great time and there was lots of food, drinks, and laughter. The hibachi style grill provided a social atmosphere and was very entertaining.  Ryan Kostner, Sno Gem Account Executive and resident tall guy, provided one of the highlights of the event when he caught 12 pieces of broccoli in his mouth.

This year’s raffle was on another level!  Warehouse Operations & Logistics Manager, Dwayne Dethlefsen, won some craft beer and a gift certificate to Brunch Cafe. Hockey fan and Receptionist, Malinda Kruger, along with Director of Product Development, RJ Hoeffleur, both won autographed Blackhawks memorabilia.  The last gift of the raffle was an Xbox One and went to Senior Purchasing & Production Manager, Jeremy Zidek, who apparently made it on the Nice List this year.  Santa even made and appearance and was kind enough to take a few selfies before heading back to the North Pole.